Extra 330L EP ARF Aircraft (480 motor)

The Extra 330L EP is an electric-powered, four channel semi-scale aerobatic airplane utilizing balsa and light-ply construction materials. The built-up balsa and light-ply wing has been designed with a semi-symmetrical airfoil that stays very stable throughout the entire flight envelope, yet makes inverted flight and aerobatics smooth and easy. 

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128408 01755 Watt-Age Extra 330L EP ARF Aircraft (480 motor) In Stock! $129.99


  • Wing Span: 32 Inches
  • Wing Area: 200 Sq. Inches
  • Length Overall: 30 Inches
  • Flying Weight: 24 Ounces


  • Wattage 480 Motor (Installed)
  • Ball Bearing Gearbox (Installed) 1.7:1 Gearbox, Gears for 2:1 and 2.3:1
  • are also included
  • Propeller: Wattage 8 x 6.5
  • Spinner
  • Complete Hardware


    The fuselage is built up using balsa and light-ply and the tail surfaces are built up using lightweight balsa. This adds up to an airplane that is light, very aerobatic and exciting to fly. When you open the box, you will notice that you won't have much left to do or to purchase to finish your new airplane. Included is a prewired 480 size motor and a dual-ball bearing gear box already preinstalled under the molded cowling. 

    The Extra 330L EP comes with a complete hardware package that includes wire pushrods, control horns, wheels, molded wheel pants, propeller and other miscellaneous hardware. The airframe is completely built-up and covered by master craftsmen using real iron-on covering material. They take their time to ensure that every part is straight and properly glued. We hope you enjoy your new Wattage Extra 330L EP ARF as much as we have enjoyed designing and building it for you.

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