MEC Solderless Power Tube (SPT)


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By eliminating the solder between cells in an end to end pack, we have produced the industry's most powerful and versatile battery using currently available Ni-Cad cells.

Benefits available when using the Solderless Power Tube (SPT):


PHANTOM CELL Patent Pending

This unit allows us to offer battery packs consisting of an odd number of cells. The "Phantom Cell" is a molded, light-weight plastic, dummy cell. With the ability to assemble battery packs of 2 through 12 cells (even or odd), you can tailor your power to both the motor and the model. While the SPT 7 cell pack is a bit larger than the typical 7 cell unit, it does not give any quarter when it comes to power output!!



Unique, fiber filled plastic end caps have been molded. A special high strength, double barrel, plastic tube has been extruded for holding the cells. The whole assembly is held together by threaded rods that apply a compressive force on the cells. Simplicity is always a winner!!!!!


SPT (Solderless) "End to End" (soldered) Summary
7 1/8" long 7" long 1/8" longer
1 15/16" wide 1 7/8" wide 1/16" wider
1" thick 15/16" thick 1/16" wider
17.9 oz. 17.1 oz. .8 oz. heavier

In the final analysis, we see that the new "Solderless Power Tube" is slightly larger and a bit heavier. Why go with the SPT? POWER! We have found that the extra power available more than makes up for the slight weight increase and we have all of the other benefits available. The final question is, "Why use anything else?"